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Thirty Years of Experience in Environmental Services

Examples of some of our current projects and activities:

  • Stella and Jason: Community engagement and senior technical advice to CanAus Coal Ltd. regarding a proposed metallurgical coal mine in the Elk Valley, British Columbia: 2015.
    • Communication strategy and materials
    • Meetings with First Nations, provincial regulatory personnel, First Nations, municipal officials, NGOs and community members
    • Senior technical assistance regarding water quality, aquatic biology and ecological risk assessment
    • Facilitation of EA team meetings in order to ensure a uniform, agreed-upon approach to technical issues
    • Facilitation of a third-party advisory group for innovative mine design

  • Jason: Coordinator for the Elk Valley Cumulative Effects Management Framework: 2012-present– a multi-stakeholder initiative with the goal of producing a practical framework that support decisions related to the management of cumulative effects in the Elk Valley:
    • Assistance with multi-stakeholder workshops
    • Communication within the Working Group as well as with the broader group of stakeholders involved in Workshops and the general public
    • Documentation of all Working Group meetings and workshops
    • Preparation of communication materials
    • Assistance with schedule management

  • Stella: Chair of the Joint Review Panel for the Deep Geologic Disposal of Low and Intermediate Nuclear Waste: 2012-present.
    • Review of the Environmental Assessment and all supporting documents
    • Preparation of Information Requests related to the EA
    • Review of responses to Information Requests
    • Review of submissions from the proponent, government and the public
    • Chairing the public Hearing
    • Preparation of the Panel report (together with 2 fellow-panel members)
  • Stella: Member of the Royal Society Expert Panel on the Behaviour and Environmental Impacts of Crude Oil Released into Aqueous Environments: 2015.
    • Seven-member expert panel
    • Lead author of the chapter on ecological risks of oil spills

Examples of other projects:

  • Stella: Chair and Facilitator of the Elk Valley Cumulative Effects Management Framework (CEMF): 2012-2015. CEMF was initiated by Teck and the Ktunaxa First Nation. Stella facilitated three public workshops, chaired the Working Group, coordinated with an external expert advisor (Dr. Bram Noble of the University of Saskatchewan), and prepared written reports related to the development and implementation of the CEMF framework.
  • Stella & Jason: Facilitation and recording of meetings of the BC Hydro Aberfeldie Fish Entrainment Strategy Technical Committee: 2014 to present.
  • Stella & Jason: Review of the EA for the proposed New Gold Blackwater mine project on behalf of the Ulkatcho FirstNation and the Lhoosk'uz Dene: 2016.
    • Preparation of technical comments on water quality, aquatic biology, human health, and accidents and malfunctions.
    • Participation in Environmental Assessment Office Working Group meetings
  • Stella: Chair of the Strategic Advisory Panel on Selenium Management from 2010-2012 regarding the management of selenium discharges from Teck's metallurgical coal operations in the Elk Valley
    • Stakeholder mapping
    • Preparation and implementation of a stakeholder engagement plan
    • One-on-one interviews with stakeholders
    • Facilitation of multi-stakeholder workshops regarding finding sustainable solutions to the selenium issue
    • Chairing the 7-member Panel of experts in reclamation engineering, water treatment technology, environmental toxicology, environmental economics, biogeochemistry, sustainable development and decision support
    • Lead author of the Panel reports
  • Jason: Facilitator of a Data Quality Objectives workshop for a calcite monitoring program for Teck Coal: 2013
    • Preparation of materials for the workshop, including an instructional presentation
    • Facilitation of the workshop
    • Summary of the findings of the workshop
  • Jason: Lead facilitator for a large, multi-disciplinary workshop for the Columbia Basin Watershed Network: 2013
    • Workshop preparation including agenda preparation and coordination of multiple speakers
    • Developed and co-facilitated several break-out group discussions around the potential for a watershed governance entity

Reports & Presentations:




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